Klinik für Anti-Aging-Medizin

by Shams SCHEIK MD
(Lahr, Germany)

Dr.Shams Scheik is a Specialist in Anti-Aging Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, Oxygen therapies, German Biological therapies, Russian Intravenous Laser Blood therapy and Internal Medicine.

His particular area of interest is reversal of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus through ‘Metabolic therapy’, Swiss Anti-Aging (Cell therapy Revitalization) programme, ‘German Fat2Fit’ non-surgical weight loss therapy and reversal of male erectile dysfunction through “Androboost therapy’.

Dr.Scheik is affiliated with some private clinics in Moscow(Russia) and also provides private consultations in Freiburg(Germany).


Klinik für Anti-Aging-Medizin
Lahr / Schwarzwald, 77933,
Deutschland (Germany)

Tel: +49-15779161118 (Germany)/+7-9197756674(Russia)
Email: shams_scheik@hotmail.com

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