ODE Organic Restaurant

by Raja
(Devon, England)

Delicacies at ODE

Delicacies at ODE

The ODE Restaurant is located in 21 Fore Street Shaldon TQ14.

The food offered in ODE Restaurant is simple, but delicious and all organic. They act as a leading supply of organic food for customers for more than 10 years. They also have facilities of home delivery.

Their is no charge for home delivery, its absolutely free. My favorite food in ODE is Lyme scallops with pork bell. I went there for last New Year with my family. We totally enjoyed the time we spent there; they had a special room for children equipped with lot of toys.

They also have one security in front of that room so that our child can’t escape outside. I left my son there and I had a dinner with my wife and we join him again. Totally we spent the last New Year joyfully in ODE with good and delicious food.

I consider ODE has one of the best restaurants I have ever visited!

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Organic Restaurants in London

by Irish

Fine Organic Dining at

Fine Organic Dining at

Hi, I am Irish living in London. Last month I visited Freedom Organic Restaurant which as located in 41 Earlham St, Convent Garden W1.

I was really surprised when I saw the restaurant. They were booking advance token for entering inside the restaurant.

It was so busy. However once I sat down I felt very relaxed and comfortable.

I had waited for one hour to enter the restaurant. Finally I got a seat. I ordered a plate called vegetarian pizza.

They decorated the pizza well with lots of vegetables. It was delicious; I had never had such a delicious pizza in my life.

After eating I went to the backside of the restaurant. There was a beautiful garden with chairs to sit. I relaxed for a while there before leaving. It was a wonderful meal, and a joyfully good time I spent there.

Based on this positive dining experience, I will be sure to visit Freedom organic restaurant again very soon!

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Tropponais Organic Restaurant, Florence, Italy

by Lindsey
(Lawrence, KS, USA (Reviewing for Firenze, Tuscany, Italia))

A Typical Meal at Tropponais

A Typical Meal at Tropponais

Being a vegan in Florence, Italy, posed some problems. The Italians love meat and cheese, so eating out was always a challenge. I had resigned myself to the fact that margherita pizza would have to be my standby when suddenly I came across Tropponais organic restaurant on 92 Via San Gallo. The restaurant is a tucked-away establishment, ironically right next to a meat market and very easy to miss.

I empathize with those that have missed Tropponais! A family-owned/run restaurant, Tropponais offers a different menu everyday. The chef/mother composes several plates, all guaranteed vegan AND organic food, and puts them in the display case.

They go fast, so you have to be ruthless! She'll usually include some sort of salad, pasta, some vegetables, and tofu or tempeh. The couscous I ate, had an amazing vegan cream sauce on it.

In addition to having the best food, vegan or not, in Florence, Tropponais provides free hot tea for one to sip during the meal. The owners heartily encouraged me to drink a lot of the body-cleansing beverage.

And the desserts! Oh, the desserts! They taste just like the ones my mother in Kansas makes-- I had a tofu chocolate peanut butter banana pie with almond crust one day. When I went back, I discovered an orzo (we call it Pero here) torte and was absolutely hooked. They also have a variety of baked goods, and all are egg/milk/honey free.

Next time I am in Italy, I will make a special trip to Tropponais organic restaurant. The friendly owners, authentic atmosphere, and delectable organic food make it one of my favorite places... in the whole wide world!

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The Farm Organic Restaurant

by Dave
(Dublin, Ireland)

The Farm……

On our way to (Dawson Street) for lunch the other day, Kristy and I noticed a new organic restaurant across the street called The Farm.

After taking a quick look at the lunch menu, we decided that the pricing seemed reasonable and it would be good to try something new. Turns out, it was a great decision!

I decided to go with the hamburger off the lunch menu (admittedly, not a very adventurous choice) and I must say, it was probably one of the tastiest burgers I've had.

I don't know if it was the seasoning they used or the organic nature of the beef or a combination of both, but the flavor of that simple hamburger will have me going back for more!

Kristy had a pasta dish (penne) with meatballs and really liked it as well.
between the two of us, our lunch bill came to about €28, which included a half pint of Heineken for me and a bottle of fruit juice for my wife?

Considering that most organic food vendors put a premium on the “organic” label, I'd say it's a great value. The staffs were also very friendly and helpful, which is always a big plus.

The Farm boasts all natural, organic food on the menu, including a coffee bar with organic Bewleys brand espresso drinks. This organic restaurant has it covered!

As impressed as I was with The Farm, however, it's not to say that the Calzone crepe at Lemon will lose it's place in the top rankings of my favorite lunch meals in the city.

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Le Bar Organic-Vegan Restaurant - The Mainstay of Budapest's Downtown Workforce

by Theo Huffman
(Budapest, Hungary)

Eating at the Lé Bár (translation: the juice bar) isn't about a fine-dining experience; it's about darned good organic food, at a very reasonable price, exactly where and when you need it.

An oblong room with the door to the street on one end, a counter on the other, and two ledges with bar stools running the length of the room, it's a no-nonsense functional set-up.

You order at the counter and take your tray to a bar stool to eat. One display case contains salads you can mix and match and pay for by weight. And, of course, a place called the juice bar has any number of freshly squeezed juices on offer.

But the engine that moves this business is the daily lunch special. Located in the heart of the city (three blocks from the main subway crossing) and right across the street from the liberal arts campus of the country's most prestigious university (ELTE), this eatery gets serious lunchtime traffic all year round from office workers, students and drop-ins.

The lunch special only costs 930 forints (a little more than five dollars), and for that you get: the grain of the day (rice, millet, barley, bulger wheat, or buckwheat), sautéed spicy tofu, the day's vegetable stew, and a fried grain and vegi patty (called a fasirt in Hungarian), all tops off with fresh salad greens. For five bucks, you can't beat that with a stick.

On top of everything else, it's a great place for people watching, since I draws from all strata of Budapest society: yuppie execs, dreadlocked musicians, "artiste" students, bedraggled bespectacled intellectuals, and every other kind of Budapester who has discovered vegan and organic food since Hungary opened up to the West.

On your way out, don't forget to snag some of the whole-grained organic deserts!

I should also mention it's right next door to one of Budapest's largest organic food stores.

The Lé Bár is located at 19 Muzeum körut. If you are ever in Budapest, don’t miss it!

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