Far Infrared Heat Lamp - Safe Healing Energy Therapy

Far infrared heat lamp uses far infrared – light energy to heal tissues and release toxins. Far infrared saunas, which use the same energy wavelength are beneficial and completely safe! Both the heat lamps and far infrared portable saunas have become popular items among health conscious people!

Sometimes a technology comes along that seems too good to be true, but actually IS! This is the story with far infrared, a therapy, which originated in Asia and is now available all over the world. The use of this radiant healing energy can be found in far the healing heat lamp and also the far infrared sauna.

This page will focus on one method of applying that therapy, the far infrared heat lamp! I can write with authority on this item because I have owned one for years!

Far Infrared Light

Far infrared light and far infrared radiation are one in the same. This is energy that lies beyond the visible light part of the spectrum and is felt as heat. The largest natural source of this heat is our sun. When you stand outside on a summer day, the warmth you feel on your skin is far infrared radiation, which is not only benign but beneficial!


Far infrared radiation has been studied in China and Japan for over 30 years. It is radiation of very long wavelengths, in the 2-50 micron range. It is used to provide soothing and enetrating heat to the body.

Don't confuse this with ultra violet rays which can in fact damage your skin. Far infrared light is very different, because the wavelength of energy it contains does not damage human tissue. In fact your body actually produces some far infrared energy of its own!

Far Infrared Heat Lamp

This amazing device which I own has a myriad of uses, all beneficial to your body. It radiates far infrared energy that


produces a deep heating inside the body, penetrating the skin up to several inches.

It was discovered quite by accident in China when workers in cold damp Chinese factories were not getting the joint pains you would expect them to. It was found that the furnaces in these plants were emitting wavelengths of beneficial radiation due to the types of metals being smelted in the furnaces.

Then someone got the bright idea to invent a heat lamp that used a metal disk with certain embedded metal oxides like aluminum, zirconium, zinc, antimony, and titanium. This creates the far infrared radiation that has such powerful therapeutic benefits!

This special heat energy helps mobilize fat and the toxins that become trapped in it, so that they can be flushed out of the body. But the lamp has other benefits as well. Below is a short list of the many benefits of the far infrared heat lamp:

  • Aids in weight loss
  • Reduces inflammation and edema
  • Lowers blood pressure and helps improve cardiovascular function
  • Benefits the lymphatic system and helps the body release toxins
  • Safe non toxic form of pain relief
  • Helps heal soft tissue injury
  • Increases blow flow by thinning the blood
  • Decreases joint pain and increases flexibility
  • Relaxes muscles and reduces spasms
  • Far infrared radiation acts as a non-nutritional antioxidant
  • Helpful for treating acne
  • Promotes healthier acid-alkaline balance by reducing acidity of tissues

These devices generally cost between $150 and $250 dollars depending on the model and its features. This is probably the most inexpensive “energy healing” device the average person can afford.

Far infrared heat lamps are now accepted by the FDA for sales in the United States. FDA 510(K) number K020852. These lamps are a "billable modality" #963728 for doctor to bill your insurance company in some US states. Ask your doctors for information about this.

I bought mine about ten years ago and the prices have come down somewhat, while features have improved a bit. However all models impart the healing power of far infrared radiation.

My Personal Experience

I have owned a far infrared heat lamp for about ten years and can honestly say it's one of the best investments I have made!

There are no downsides to this device. No harmful radiation or other toxic affects. Its healing energy can be felt as it is very relaxing and soothing to every area of the body. The only drawback that I can think of is that the heating plates wear out eventually, but they can be replaced very inexpensively.

As I mentioned before this is a low cost energy therapy device, that will probably do more for your health than any other home medical technology.

About the only “side effect” of a session with the far infrared heat lamp is that you may fall asleep. It's THAT relaxing!

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