Experience With Natural Diabetes Medication

by Ramesh
(Chennai, TamilNadu,India)

If you’re a type 2 diabetic, no doubt you know how problematic this can be. Having type 2 diabetes invariably means that your diet is suddenly restricted and you might have to take one or more medications, including even perhaps insulin injections.

It’s not always the case, but in some cases, even diabetics who couldn’t previously control their diabetes naturally can now. There’s a new product called INSUL-OPT that provides nutrients and herbs in a product that can help control your blood sugar, help alleviate diabetic symptoms by nourishing your pancreas, increasing your sensitivity insulin, stimulating insulin production and regulating your blood sugar.

Of course, as with any type 2-diabetes programs, diet and exercise are still going to be an important part of controlling your disease. However, by using INSUL-OPT, you just may eventually be able to manage your diabetes without medication or insulin! Below we’ll discuss several of the herbs and nutritional supplements available in INSUL-OPT that may help you control your type 2 diabetes naturally, without additional medication.

There are lots of beneficial herbs in INSUL-OPT, but one of the most popular is fenugreek, which slows gastric emptying and also slows down how fast you absorb carbohydrates. In addition, it has the added benefit of increasing circulation, which can help with several diabetic complications related to circulation, including ulcers on one’s feet or other extremities. It may also be able to lower your blood sugar naturally and may beneficially affect cholesterol levels covered too. It also has a high fiber content, which further increases its benefits to your health.

EGCG, the active component in green tea, is beneficial to
diabetics in several ways. Not only can it lower blood sugar levels, but can also make the insulin you produce more efficient and makes your liver release your glucose more efficiently.

Alpha lipoic acid is very effective in treating diabetic neuropathy. It is a “super antioxidant,” and not only does an excellent job in its own right protecting your body with its own antioxidant properties, but it also increases the effectiveness of other antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E by “recycling” them so that they last longer. It may also help control blood sugar levels.

B vitamins, too, are important to diabetics because they help control blood sugar, break down carbohydrates most effectively so that the body can use them, and provide both physical and mental support. They are also used in vasodilatation, which can help with the circulatory problems many people with diabetes experience. They may also help with neuropathy as alpha lipoic acid does. In addition, one B vitamin in particular, folic acid, may help increase your sensitivity to insulin.

Chromium is perhaps the most important nutrient in controlling blood sugar when it comes to diabetes. Without enough chromium, the hormone insulin simply doesn’t work in our bodies. People who have ingested as little as 1 mg of chromium picolinate as a supplement had experienced marked improvement in blood sugar, because chromium makes insulin effectiveness more readily available. That is to say, it doesn’t make the body produce more insulin, but instead it makes insulin that is already there do its job better. In addition, if chromium is taken with vitamin B3, niacin, it may further enhance chromium’s effects.

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