Erika Schwartz, MD - Bioidentical Hormone Specialist

by Donna Kingman
(New York, NYC, USA)

Erika Schwartz, MD

Erika Schwartz, MD


Dr. Schwartz is a graduate of NYU and AOA, and a cum laude SUNY Downstate College of Medicine. She is leading national expert in the field of BHRT, wellness, and disease prevention.

Dr. Schwartz is the Founder and Director of a prominent New York medical practice and the Founding Director of the Bioidentical Hormone Initiative

She is a member of NAMS, MSSNY, ACOG, AFTRA/SAG, NYSSIM and is the President Elect of the Alumni Board of Managers and Trustees at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine (2013).

Since beginning her distinguished career, Dr. Schwartz has been committed to empowering patients and teaching physicians compassion alongside innovative scientific and clinical approaches.

She has lectured at Harvard and was the lead author in the Medical Clinics of North America for three white paper publications on hormones (2008/2011).

Dr. Schwartz's scope of care expanded as she integrated different conventional and complementary modalities into her treatments and recommendations.

She developed her own protocols for bioidentical hormones; created the hormone-friendly diet; launched her own line of vitamins and supplements; developed individually tailored exercise, stress management and lifestyle regimens; and created three and six month life-changing programs.

In addition to her medical advice and world-renowned diagnostic expertise, patients turn to Dr. Schwartz for her compassion and her enduring commitment to help patients improve every aspect of their lives. Patients warmly reference Dr. Schwartz as “Dr. Erika”.

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Schwartz has personally cared for more than 100,000 patients and treated more than 15,000 patients with various formulations of bioidentical hormones.

Through, she is helping to improve the healthcare system by teaching people to take care of themselves, building a community of intelligent people who are following
common-sense approaches to wellness and are committed to staying healthy, feeling young by taking charge of their lives and living their Best Health and Best Life now.

Dr. Schwartz currently sees patients from all over the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Asia and now offers a speciality concierge medical service (CMS) exclusively for CEO’s and networth individuals. Dr. Schwartz will fly to the patient to treat them (please call my office 416.520.2483 for Dr. Erika’s fee schedule & availability).

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Schwartz and has written four best-selling books, has testified before Congress, hosted her own PBS pledge special on bioidentical hormones, appeared on various news programs including CBS News, Larry King Live, CNN and MSNBC as well as The View, Oprah Satellite Radio with Dr. Oz and many others.

Services Offered:

1) Patients can book a personal appointment to see Dr Erika in her New York City office.

2) Dr. Erika offers a phone consultation for all out of country patients
Watch the video of how appmt works -

3) Lab testing

4) Custom compounded BHRT prescriptions delivered direct to your home

5) Inclinic Bioidentcal Hormone or the HCG Diet perceptorship education for healthcare professionals, pharmacists & clinicians.

6) BHRT/ HCG Diet group CME education conferences approved by SUNY Downstate Medicine Centre.

7) Speaking engagements - Dr. Erika has been invited to speak all over the world at conferences, special events, corporations to teach health & wellness, doctors conventions, tradeshows, etc. (call for her fee's & availability)


Donna A.G. Kingman | Director of Business Development

Direct: 416.520.2483
Office of Erika Schwartz, M.D., PC | 200- 57th Street, Suite 502 | New York, NYC 10019 |

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