Dr Erika Bradshaw on Antiaging Medicine

Dr Erika Bradshaw M.D.
Alternative and Internal Medicine Doctor
Brandon and Palm Harbor, Florida
Practicing Complementary, Anti-aging and Holistic medicine
Specializing in: BHRT-Bioidentical Hormone Therapy and Hypothyroidism

Dr Erika Bradshaw M.D. answers questions on antiaging medicine, how to stay young, and just what antiaging doctors do.

Dr Erika Bradshaw

First I would like thank you for taking the time and effort to share your knowledge and perspectives about antiaging medicine with us.

How long have you been in practice?

I have been in practice since 2003

How did you become interested in antiaging medicine?:

I knew by age 23 that I wanted to do something in the holistic field.

What are the differences between traditional and anti-aging doctors?:

Antiaging doctors attempt to treat disease at it's root cause rather than just treating the symptoms. Treating symptoms or getting to the root of the symptoms

Do antiaging doctors work with a family doctor and other specialists?:

Yes we do coordinate our practices with other health professionals.

What are the benefits of seeing antiaging doctors?:

To get healthy, stay young, and to improve and maintain ones health well into advanced age. Antiaging doctors focus on prevention rather than treatment of symptoms.

What kinds of patients come to you for treatment?:

The patients I see are many ages and from all walks of life. They have many types of diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue, Asthma, Migraines,Hormone imbalances, Adrenal insufficiency, Arthritis, and more.

What is the particular focus you take with your patients and why?:

All my patients are unique individuals, so every patient is treated in a customized way. No two patients are treated exactly alike.

Dr Erika Bradshaw on "aging"...

What are the primary causes of aging?:

Glycation or rust so to speak in the body, toxin overload, nutritional deficiencies, and inflammation, all contribute to aging. One must avoid these things to stay young.

What do you feel is the best way to extend lifespan?:

Well the best thing would be to maintain telomere length. Everytime our cells divide, the telomeres in our DNA shorten. So checking patients telomere length and creating nutritional support to restore diminished telomere length is not uncommon, although the testing is an investment.

What advice would you give for improving mental performance?:

I would suggest doing brain exercises such as crossword puzzles, reading, taking supplements such as certain amino acids, and even having brain mapping done to first measure how quick one's brain is. This can then be used as a baseline against which to measure decline or improvement in brain processing speed over time.

What is the relationship between mental and physical health?:

Physical and mental health are very much connected and definitely effect one another in intricate ways. The saying: "A healthy mind is a healthy body," is very much true!

Which therapies have you found most helpful to your patients?:

Wow, hormones can bring a woman back from the grave and glutathione is phenomenal for Parkinson's disease. Chelation and even balancing ones nutritional deficiencies can result in a profound improvement in a patient's health.

Dr Erika Bradshaw on future developments....

What are the new anti-aging treatments you foresee coming in the near future?:

I see energy medicine as the biggest emerging therapy in antiaging medicine.

What are you currently working on?:

I am really working hard on building my medical practice, and furthering my knowledge of antiaging medicine, to better serve my patients and help them stay young.

Are there any new antiaging developments on the immediate horizon that hold promise?:

Stem cell therapy and not embryonic either ......from your own cells ....I've heard amazing things like peoples heart failure improving.

Is there anything that we haven’t discussed that you would like to add?:

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to have an interview with you, and to help familiarize people with what antiaging doctors do. It was a pleasure.

I would like to thank Dr Erika Bradshaw for being gracious enough to share her time with us. If you are in the Palm Harbor, Florida area, make it a point to check out her antiaging medical practice. It may well be the best health decision you ever make!

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