Does Exercise Make You Look Older?

by Goran P
(Reynoldsburg, Ohio)

My question is does exercising regularly make you look older. The reason I ask is because, I have noticed that once you start to exercise regularly and build up muscle in your body the face of the body somewhat has a more serious look to it and feels like the body looks older. I'm not sure if what I'm saying you will agree with?

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Feb 24, 2011
Does Exercise Make You Look Older?
by: George Parigian Jr.

This is my response to the question: "Can exercise make you look older?"

The answer to this questions is YES! Exercise CAN make you look older, but shouldn't if you do it right!

There are two ways that exercise might result in you actually looking older than you otherwise would.

1) Doing long duration cardiovascular exercise like jogging or distance running which is known to elevate cortisol (a stress hormone).

Marathon runners are a good example of this. They tend to look drawn and gaunt because the chronically elevated stress hormones break down tissue and give the body and face a haggard look.

2)Another instance would be when someone who is a bit older and was overweight loses a lot of weight through exercise, their facial features may tend to look more "hard," and this of course can make you look older.

Also some people who work out hard with weights may through diet and training get themselves very lean, and this as well makes their facial features look somewhat hard, especially if they tan which DOES age the skin faster than otherwise.

With that said, my belief is that healthy exercise should never make you look older, or unhealthy.

It should always result in you looking and feeling good, and appearing younger than your age NOT older!

Check out my page on cardiovascular exercise using interval training.

Cardiovascular Exercise - Interval Training

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