Dangers of Belly Fat - Increase Testosterone Level and Remove Belly Fat

The dangers of belly fat involve low testosterone in men, and metabolic syndrome. A testosterone test can identify low levels and you can increase testosterone level to raise metabolism and remove belly fat.

Low Testosterone and Belly Fat – The Connection

To many people belly fat is just unsightly, something they wished they could lost so they look better in their clothes and feel better about themselves. However it is often a sign of low testosterone which means if you increase testosterone level, you can remove belly fat and decrease your risk of metabolic syndrome as well.


There are a number of belly fat causes:

  • High insulin levels
  • Elevated cortisol levels
  • Stress
  • Low androgen (testosterone) levels

    All of these issues are related, and all of them indicate a hormonal system that is out of balance. Low testosterone levels in men often show up as added belly fat, as well as depression, erectile dysfunction, lack of drive, and mental decline.

    These issues all concern the dangers of belly fat, but the fact that all they are related is actually good news, because it means that when you increase testosterone level, all of these problems can be addressed at once.

    But What About Diet and Exercise?

    Diet and exercise are important as well. I am not suggested that hormone therapy be a quick and easy substitute for the lifestyle changes that are necessary. Diet and exercise play an important role, and hormone therapy completes the picture for the aging man.


    To make this easy, lets just say that diet should be “low glycemic” and contain enough goods fats and protein to allow the body to make hormones and build muscle. Low glycemic eating is key for minimizing dangers of belly fat by keeping blood sugar under control and preventing high insulin levels.

    Exercise should be intense and brief. This mean some strength training, and interval training as well. Interestingly, kettlebell workouts satisfy both these requirements, and its no coincidence they burn the fat like you would not believe!

    Hormone Balancing the Final Piece of the Puzzle

    Often older men will find that even with exercise and watching what they eat, they can't seem to lose that fat around their waist. This is because low testosterone levels in men (identified with a testosterone test) cause fat to be stored in the abdominal area.

    Belly fat causes involve hormone hormone imbalances, so when hormones ARE brought back into balance with the appropriate therapy, the body can one again burn the fat around your waist.

    There are two routes you can take to address dangers of belly fat, increase testosterone level and get on the path to better health, not to mention a better looking body at any age.

    These are:

    • BioSignature

    • Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

    Biosignature uses skinfold measurements of fat storage sites on the body to identify hormone imbalances. The imbalances are then corrected with diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation. This system is now being taught to doctors.

    I would consider this a good first step and the most natural approach you can take!

    Bioidentical hormone therapy identifies imbalances through blood and saliva testing, and then corrects them with bio-identical hormones that are custom compounded to precisely match what your body needs.

    This approach uses multiple hormones so that again....the correct balance is achieved. The doctors that use this approach also tend be be holistic in their practice and will also recommend diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes.

    Fat Loss and Better Health

    The ability to burn fat is related to your metabolism, which in turn is dependent on having the correct hormonal balance. When your hormonal system is out of balance, you can have problems like insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, erectile dysfunction and depression.

    Dangers of belly fat involve life threatening hormone imbalances. A testosterone test to identify deficiency, together with the right therapies can increase testosterone level in men, helping them to remove belly fat and protect against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and all of the serious medical conditions that are part of chronic disease!

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