Saying No to Aging and Disease

by Maria
(India, Delhi)

Staying  Young and Beautiful

Staying Young and Beautiful

Aging is a fact of life, but aging and disease don't have to go together! As a dermatologist, I daily meet many women most of them used to be in their thirties.

At thirty lives seems pretty much on the track. I mean, got job work under control, have wardrobe full of fashionable dresses and have a respectful collection of shoes. Therefore, life looks pretty much under control.

But suddenly you found yourself in another trouble, your looks started changing. You can call it one of life’s cruelest jokes. Hair loss, skin wrinkles, dull and slack skin are most common changes.

Hormones are the main culprits behind these affects. Those who have been tanning, smoking, drinking and eating improperly are going to have problems. There is no permanent solution for aging effect but we can delay it. Aging and disease are very much under our control if we do the right things.

Some basic anti-aging tips, which will cost you nothing, are eating a nutritious diet, avoiding junk food, regular exercise, saying NO to smoking and alcohol and getting eight hours of sound sleep.

There are also lots of antiaging products in the market, those can also be useful but only after consulting a skin specialist, and only in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

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Got my memory back.

by Sir Stephen
(Orem, Utah)

Losing your memory does not have to go hand in hand with aging, and my experience is proof!

I started strength training at 63 1/2 and jumping rope. This had an anti-aging effect on my body and mind. My mind is sharper and memory better than it has been in a long time.

Evidently, my mental condition is related to the amount of muscle in my legs. Aging and disease usually go together, but exercise and a healthy lifestyle, has really helped me avoid this.

The condition of my ankles is an indicator of my circulatory system. As my rope jumping increased
my ankles were able to recover from the thumb print test more quickly. I did not have edema but I recognized that my sweat socks did not leave a lasting imprint and my ankles were more defined after working out.

Along with weights I have been doing various upper body workouts with pull-ups, push-ups, and weights. The hospital has measured my BP at 119/84 & 61 BPM. Another indicator might be called "the young man's disease" which I get at all hours of the night.

The anti-aging effect of exercise and a healthy lifestyle is amazing!

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Anti-aging Tips: Being Healthy

by Edward Davis

Antiaging tips will help you live better and longer!

There are just some people that don’t seem to age. These are the people that always have that youthful glow, and become the popular ones at your high school reunion (regardless of what their status was back in high school).

Is this luck, genes, or is it due to a healthy lifestyle? Can we avoid the ravages of aging and disease with a few simple and effective strategies?

So many individuals have tried countless methods such as surgery, anti-aging pills, and creams in order to battle the effects of aging and disease. Some work and others don’t but one of the best anti-aging tips you can get is having regular exercise.

Benefits of exercise

Exercise does not only make you look good, but it makes you feel good and function better. This is the reason why it can be one of the best anti-aging tips you will ever get. It’s all about getting your body to function well to battle some of the effects of aging and disease such as stress and chronic illness.

Eliminate vices – embrace a healthy lifestyle

Vices such as drinking and smoking really slow you down. You can go through a lot of anti-aging tips but the truth is that, the effort would all be in vain if you continue to live such an unhealthy lifestyle.

Smoking is the leading culprit when it comes to lung cancer and heart disease. It weakens your heart and therefore hinders you with your day-to-day activities.

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The Importance of Not Smoking.

by Alicia Kulp
(Gainesville, FL, USA)

Aging and disease are often the result of what we do. So, the importance of not smoking can't be overstated!

Some of the best anti-aging tips include avoiding smoking and other vices, and try to live a more healthy lifestyle.

My grandmother is 83 years old and she's smoked for at least 50 years.

Honestly, I would say it's been more like 70 years since she started in her young teens. The older she's gotten, the more health problems have arisen.

She has a hard time walking even short distances, and her blood pressure has gotten dangerously high. We finally convinced her to stop smoking, and it was a very hard process.

However, within two months, her blood pressure has lowered to a safe, acceptable level and she can breathe easier! Aging is a scary thing, but I think people can ease into it a little better if they take care of things like that.

She is beginning to realize that aging and disease don't have to go hand in hand, and that anti-aging can have real benefits even in the short term!

Something so simple as not smoking has reduced her medical costs and made her feel a lot better about herself.

Remember that a healthy lifestyle is your best bet to avoid the health problems that affect many people as they get older.

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