Antiaging Requirements, Causes of Aging and Prevention

by Pankaj
(Mumbai, India)

Some people require antiaging at quite early stages in their lives whereas others don’t require it throughout their lives.

Is there a particular age after which antiaging products are required? Are antiaging requirements for men and women or the effects are the same on either sex?

What are the long term and short-term side effects of using antiaging products for the skin and are there any natural ways to protect the skin from aging?

How does ones upbringing, eating habits, atmospheric conditions affect antiaging?

People generally give importance only to skin against aging. Is it the whole body that reacts to aging or is the skin the most sensitive to aging?

How can antiaging help other parts of body without causing any side effects?

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Feb 08, 2012
You Antiaging Questions.....
by: George Parigian Jr.

Hi Pankaj!

Thank you for these questions!

Assuming you are talking about skin products, there is not set age, because everyone's skin ages at different rates.

However I would say that by the 40's most people are showing signs of skin aging and could benefit (appearance wise) by the use of quality skin products that actually fight the aging process in certain ways.

Ceremides, Matrixyl 3000, and Argireline cream are some examples of products that would actually have antiaging effects for the skin.

Both men and women are affected by hormonal changes, and therefore their skin would actually benefit from natural hormone therapy as well as antiaging skin creams and such.

Aside from Botox, and surgical face lifts, antiaging skin products should have no undesirable side effects either long or short term.

Natural ways to protect the skin involve drinking enough water, juicing, avoiding sun overexposure and windburn, avoiding smoking, and not drinking to excess.

Upbringing can impact aging either positively or negatively depending on the habits you pick up from your parents. Obviously if they drink too much, smoke, and or use drugs, and their children adopt these habits, the effect on their body and health will be damaging.

People who live in very hot climates and get lots of sun exposure will have skin that becomes somewhat "leathery" with age. However this can be modified by avoiding overexposure to the sun, and using skin care products that help retain moisture in the skin.

Antiaging efforts should involve the entire body, since the condition of your skin is often an indicator of overall health.

True antiaging should never stress the body or introduce toxins into it, thus side effects are not an issue when you are pursuing antiaging in the correct way.

This should include proper nutrition, avoiding unhealthy foods and toxins, and also reducing stress as much as possible!

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