Anti-Aging, Longevity, and Preventive Medicine Center of Pittsburgh

by Aldino L. Pierotti, III, M.D.
(Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

Dr. Pierotti

Dr. Pierotti

Anti-Aging, Longevity, and Preventive Medicine of Pittsburgh
Aldino L. Pierotti III, M.D.
5840 Ellsworth Avenue, Suite 304
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
phone: (412) 404-2939

For people seeking to impede, halt, and quite possibly turn back the symptoms of getting older, enhancing the human body's efficiency by maximizing cellular, endocrine, and immune system performance IS DEFINITELY the solution.

We guide our patients to experiencing wellness and vigor starting from inside of the body with hormonal therapies and dietary health with BHRT, top quality supplementation (nutriceuticals), non-chemical beauty products and LipoSelection to address the issues of ageing. chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, persistent {bacterial infections|infections}, hormone imbalances|imbalance}, and immune system disorder.

We believe in:

  • The inherent sanctity and dignity of life.

  • A respect for nature and the trinsic beauty of human life.

  • Human aging as a noble and positive journey, emotionally and physically.

  • Working harmoniously with science and nature and providing changes that enhance health and

  • Learning each minute of the day.

  • Always striving to learn and better ourselves.

  • Freely sharing beliefs, thoughts, and experiences to enhance everything we do.

  • Ourselves, the people around us and the ability to improve the world, one person at a time.

  • Being personally responsible for ourselves and each other.

  • Attaining physical, emotional, and spiritual balance in life.

Aldino L. Pierotti, III, MD

  • Obtained his B.S. in Biology, Summa cum Laude, from The University of Scranton

  • Attained his M.D. from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in

  • He additionally has comprehensive instruction in Trauma and Burn Surgery, as well as, Oculo-facial Trauma.

    He is a board prepared diplomat in Surgical Critical Care and was a practicing trauma/critical care and emergency physician prior to shifting his emphasis to Metabolic and Integrative Medicine in 2005. Since then he has realized increased satisfaction in utilizing the most up-to-date anti-aging medicine to concentrate in treating fatigue syndromes, fibromyalgia, sleeping {dysfunctions|disorders}, hormone imbalances, immune problems, and infectious diseases.

    His medical practice includes every component of primary care, bio-identical hormone optimizing, exposing and healing immune system disorders and hidden infectious diseases, comprehensive lab and functional testing, removal of toxins, nutrition related health, and general wellbeing and preventive medical care.

    Dr. Pierotti's therapy objectives are proactive and individual-centered. He looks at the root causes of one's

    health issues instead of just managing their symptoms, thus enabling the body to recover and enhance itself.

    Using a metabolic, integrative, all-inclusive strategy, he concentrates on correcting/perfecting all physiologic

    Dr. Pierotti is a Board prepared Diplomat in Critical Care Medicine, is board eligible in Anti-Aging Medicine, and is currently a member in good standing of The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

    He is an enthusiastic, friendly and nurturing medical practitioner who always attempts to discover the underlying source of the problem - not only the symptom.

    His objective is to empower and partner with you to help make you "your own best doctor!"

    He has a lovely wife, two beautiful daughters, and a handsome young son, who are his pride and joy; and always keep him very active and occupied.

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