Antiaging Help for Skin on Chest

by Denise

What can I do to reverse or slow the aging of the skin on my chest? The skin on my neck looks ok. The skin on my chest seems to be showing fine wrinkles and it has redness to it.

This is most pronounced or noticeable in the skin lower on my chest and right at the beginning of the skin between my breasts. The wrinkles are fine and the skin seems to have a red tint to it.

I have Rosacea on my face and I am prone to face and chest flushing. It seems as if you can see the capillaries under the skin. My mother seems to have an advanced form of this and it looks horrible.

Is there anything that can be done to stop this before it gets worse?

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Aug 03, 2009
Antiaging and your Skin Condition
by: George Parigian Jr.

Hi Denise,

First off, have you been examined by a dermatologist and given a diagnosis or some medical explanation for this condition?

I would need more information to try and determine exactly what your problem is. If your mom has it too, then that would seem to indicate that it is hereditary.

However the exact cause is not clear. If you have Rosacea then this may be related to that condition.

If you sunbathe during the summer or use a tanning bed, then perhaps sun exposure may be part of the problem, and you have to take steps to protect your skin with sunscreens, or avoid the use of a tanning bed.

It could also be an autoimmune reaction to something in your diet, a chemical sensitivity, or other toxin in your environment.

If you mom has it too, then make note of whether you and her eat similar foods and share the same blood type, and see if any of the foods are indicated as a problem for your blood type.

It is hard to narrow it down without additional information, and what I would suggest you do is to find a doctor such as a Naturopath or an M.D. who practices functional medicine.

Such a doctor can do the appropriate tests and hopeful determine what is at the root of your problem.

OK just to sum up, investigate:

Sun exposure
Inflammatory skin conditions
Food allergies or chemical sensitivity

See a doctor who practices functional medicine. Once the cause is determined, then the treatment options will become clear. It may be anything from a cosmetic approach such as a skin peel or hydrating lotion, to something stronger such as a hydrocortisone cream.

A skilled medical practitioner needs to make that call. If you cannot find a practitioner in your area, or you have seen one and not getting results, fee free to contact me via the contact form on my contact page, and I will try and help you further.

Good Luck!


Ps – there is a list of antiaging doctors and clinics on these links:

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