Organic Oasis, Anchorage Alaska

by Christian R.

The Organic Oasis

The Organic Oasis

Being a vegan in the great state of Alaska proved to be a challenge, until we found this nice little organic restaurant.

It looks like another hole in the wall eatery at first but once you open their menu you get a huge variety of organic meals and drinks for any palate.

With a family that sports big game hunters and veggies like us it is normally hard to find a good spot to eat organically, but this place really fits the bill. Ive heard good things about most all of the dishes on the menu, but from personal experience their two vegan dishes are fantastic.

One is a vegan pizza wish an interesting take using rich olive oils, fresh olives, artichoke hearts and crumpled spinach that was to die for. But this place was not just good for the food, the atmosphere and drink list were special.

Organic Oasis sports a very large alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks from all over the world. They have a small bar area and a band that hosts different local musicians throughout the week, some of my college friends still play there making my visits all the more fun.

My only issue with the place is that if its crowded food can take a little bit, but its always worth the wait.

I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to explore Alaska and have a good safe Organic bet.

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Organic Oasis - Anchorage, Alaska

by Ted

Organic Oasis

Organic Oasis

The Organic Oasis in Anchorage, Alaska is an organic restaurant that offers a full menu from sides, salads, starters and soup right through to desserts - and famously their delicious smoothies beers and wines.

Beer was off the menu for me as it was a workday but I'll certainly be going back when I've a free weekend, so watch this space!

We started with a side order of Organic Blue Corn Chips & Fresh Red Salsa mixed with a double order of Greek Platter that we shared between four of us.

Despite only ordering three dishes there was more than enough to go around with the Greek Platter being especially generous and running to Hummus, red onion, tomato, cucumber, kalamatas, olive oil/garlic, feta, pita bread and home made rye sprout wafers there was more than enough to go around.

Main meals were burgers and fries, and when in Alaska it had to be Elk Burgers all-round. They were delicious served with chips and a couple of us added a slice of Swiss cheese, which really added zing to the generous burgers.

We finished off with various smoothies and had a lot of fun mixing and matching to our individual tastes - yes; at last peanut butter can be healthy!

Overall, the food at Organic Oasis was excellent with service to match. I'll be back for that beer next time I'm in town.

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