Al Sears PACE – A Book Review

Al Sears PACE is the only book you need to read for cardiovascular exercise. Al Sears shows you how to burn the fat, and increase longevity in 12 minutes per day! Let Al Sears MD show you how!

I've read lots of books about nutrition and exercise, but rarely am I this impressed with the simplicity, directness and effectiveness of the information that Al Sears MD shares with you in his book “P.A.C.E. The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution.”

I was completely unaware the the number one predictor of lifespan is lung capacity. What an eye opener! This book is full of such information gems, and is an easy and interesting read. Once I started I couldn't put this book down, it was really fun to read.

Get ready to burn the fat, strengthen your heart and lungs and really get fit!

Who Is Al Sears MD?

Al Sears is a board certified medical doctor who specializes in preventative medicine, antiaging, and nutritional supplementation. He scored in the 99th percentile on his MCAT exam and graduated with honors from South Florida's College of Medicine in Internal Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, and Physical Medicine.


He is the founder and director of the non-profit Wellness Research Foundation as well as running his Health and Wellness Center in Royal Palm Beach Florida. He was one of the first medical doctors to be “board certified” in anti-aging medicine!

Dr. Sears Ways - Forget Cardio and Aerobics

Al Sears PACE is a program for cardiovascular fitness, through improved maximal exercise capacity. Dr. Sears shows you how exercise affects your hormonal system and why long slow cardo exercise is not the way to go.

This was not new to me, but the way in which Al Sears presents this information was refreshing. He has the ability to really simplify and condense lots of data and information into a form that is easy to understand and apply. That what I like!

What he is talking about is very similar to a concept called “interval training” where you do intense exercise with short rest periods that builds up your maximum lung and heart output and causes positive effects on your hormone system allowing you to burn the fat and hang on to your lean muscle, the opposite of traditional aerobics.

Here are the chapters in Al Sears PACE:

  • Are Your Lungs Dying?
  • Throw Away Your Jogging Shoes
  • Aerobics Put to Rest
  • Relight Your Native Afterburner
  • Join the PACE Revolution Now
  • Unleash Native Fitness in 12 Minutes
  • Track Your PACE Fitness
  • Supercharge Your PACE
  • Rebuild Real Strength
  • Stay Lean For Life
  • Pocket Sized PACE Power
  • PACE for Life

Al Sears MD shows you in simple terms how to build your own program for cardiovascular fitness using the principles in P.A.C.E. The time commitment is minimal, requiring only the equivalent of twelve minutes per day. The book contains all the information you need to design your own fitness program.

It doesn't matter what level you are starting from, P.A.C.E. Can take you from a couch potato to feeling and looking fit, without long arduous workouts. With P.A.C.E. Its not quantity its the quality of your exercise that matters.

Fitness Made Quick, Simple, and Effective

How would you like to:

  • Build REAL Heart Strength
  • Boost Your Lungpower
  • Renew Energy and Vigor
  • Burn Fat Even While Resting

All of this in just 12 minutes per day! Dr. Sears will show you how.

Al Sears has hit a home run with this book and the exercise system he promotes in it. I LOVE simple, and because you can easily integrate it into my busy life and yours, and we don't have to sacrifice effectiveness. Al Sears MD has made it THAT easy!

If you are concerned about YOUR cardiovascular fitness and making sure your heart and lungs will last a lifetime, then pick up a copy of Al Sears PACE and learn how easy it is to be fit!

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