Aging Myths

by Amber
(Cape Coral, Florida)

I was wondering if it was true that "free radicals" cause your skin to age faster than others? What are free radicals? Is it harmful for you?

How can you get rid of them? Do they cause cancer or some other kind of illness? I am young and I want to do what I can now to try and prevent lines and wrinkles in my skin.

I know there is no overnight super cream, so I want to know what can I do now to prevent any bad damage to the skin on my face.

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Aug 31, 2009
Aging Myths and Skin Care
by: George Parigian Jr.

Hi Amber,

I get this question a lot, but it’s always good to clarify this once again.

Free radicals are molecules with an “unpaired electron,” that damage your tissues by drawing electrons from other molecules and causing damaging reactions in your body.

Just imagine that the molecules in question are like billiard balls on a pool table after they get smacked by the cue ball and ricochet in many directions.

Some of these molecules damage DNA, which can also lead to cancer. They also cause a reaction in your skin and other tissues called “cross-linking” where the tissues lose their suppleness and elasticity.

Check out my web page on this topic here:

Harmful Effects of Free Radicals

Also look at my page on Skin Antiaging:

Skin Antiaging and Total Skin Care

A strategy to protect your skin can be broken down to a few simple rules:

1) Avoid excess sun exposure and use sunscreens if you are going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time.

2) Avoid or limit foods that promote free radical activity such as alcohol, sugar, or fried foods.

3) Eat a “low glycemic” diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins to minimize “glycation” in your body and skin.

4) Take antioxidant supplements to protect against free radicals that we still get in our foods, from our environment, and which the normal metabolic processes in our bodies create.

There are some good books on the subject, specifically those by Dr. Perricone that focus on skin antiaging.


There are also many good products that will help prevent skin damage and promote the youthful healthy look of your skin. Here is one that I would strongly recommend:

Twinlab Na-Pca W/aloe Vera

Hope this helps clarify this topic for you. Keep reading and doing your own research to learn about this topic.

Good Luck and Good Health,


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