Adrenal Fatigue - Wondering if anyone else gets numbness or the shakes?

by Lyla
(Ashburn, Va)

I recently was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, restless leg syndrome, and periodic limb movement disorder. Apparently, I think I'm sleeping but I'm really not, which ended up weakening my adrenal gland.

I could be considered a hypersomniac but right now we think its just the lack of sleep at night plus the adrenal fatigue. Now everyday is a new challenge.

I sometimes have problems reading, problems sitting for a long time..and even problems eating..meaning keeping food down, my hands and feet will get suddenly cold, and I have a hard time remembering things.

I take a lot of meds.. from adrenal supplements, DHEA (15mg) and 5000 D3 vitamins..cause my body doesn't metabolize vitamin D naturally.

For about 8 months I have been getting numbness in both my hands and feet, while I'm walking, or just comes out of nowhere.

The requip helps (what I am taking for rls) but today I got another hit and in frustration I decided to finally start talking about it.

I also get leg cramps like crazy and one time I had charlie horses in both of my legs for 30 minutes. Which is why I decided to take a medical leave of absence from school.

I ended up hurting my back from a really simple activity that led to me investigating things more in depth.

I also get sick (i.e..not being able to keep food down), and I can't drink alcohol anymore. Even when I try to force myself to keep it down, I will just get sick the next morning.

This counts for all alcohols, beer,liquors, and now even a glass of wine will do it). I never was a big drinker, just social.
I think it might be related to extreme stress..yet my life doesn't seem that stressful.

I was a great student, working in a couple of really nice labs, I was in line for grad school, and on pretty much a full scholarship. I live in a beautiful home with my bf for 6 years, and great friends who are truly supportive.

I even have two awesome cats, and I can't understand why this is happening now. I think depression with adrenal fatigue may simply be the cause missing my old life.

I checked with my pharmacist to see if there was any drug interactions, she said no. I thought the vitamin D3 was the culprit but my new labs came in and I am at the low end of the normal scale.

I guess I am just wondering because adrenal fatigue is often misunderstood, if anyone has experienced numbness, quick changes in limb temperature.

What I mean is that your hands will be fine one minute and then freezing the next, or if you go outside it will take a really long time (like an hour or so) to warm up, or if your really sensitive to temps.

Other issues are headaches, and random body shakes...not like a seizure but more of a conscious shake. Its not long, it just hits me and passes.

(Honestly I can't even believe I am writing about this! Sometimes I just feel like a crazy person going through all this, but I'm desperate!

Thanks for any help or advice. I've read a couple of articles on here about adrenal fatigue and they've given me hope. I just really hope I can get back to feeling normal soon.

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Feb 24, 2012
Adrenal Fatigue - Does anyone else get numbness and the shakes?
by: George Parigian Jr.

Hi Lyla,

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I did a quick Google search (what I call a presumptive query) and I note that tissue hypoxia seems to be associated with RLS and adrenal fatigue.

Since you are studying medicine, you may be able to connect the dots.

Doctors these days have become increasingly aware of the impact of what I will call "mitochondrial dysfunction" which is really a disruption in the normal cellular respiration and energy production.

Issues with getting oxygen and nutrients into cells and metabolic toxins out seem to be issues in fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and also adrenal fatigue.

One thing I would absolutely recommend to you is to sleep grounded! Here is some info from my site:

The use of a grounding pad while you sleep should make a significant difference, as grounding reduces blood viscosity, lowers inflammation, shifts autonomic function to parasympathetic activity, and results in increased cellular energy, which should help your symptoms.

There is a really great doc in Pittsburg, PA who seems to have a handle on fibro, and since your condition is related I think he could help point you in the right direction.

His name is Aldino Pierotti. Here is my page on him:

Lastly, feel free to write me at: and let me know how you are making out.

As I stated, I suspect that your condition results from poor energy production at the cellular level, and if such is the case, their are a number of ways to deal with it, starting with grounding, which is 100% safe, and will more than likely provide a degree of relief until the root cause of your problem can be found and eliminated.

Best Regards,


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