John Berardi Ph.D. and Precision Nutrition

This page will feature Dr. John Berardi Ph.D., and the company he founded called Precision Nutrition. Dr. Berardi’s expertise is in performance nutrition for athletes and fitness-oriented individuals.


Sports and Educational background

So just who is this Dr. Berardi and what’s his claim to fame?

Experience in powerlifting, bodybuilding, track and field and Rugby round out his practical knowledge in exercise and sports conditioning. This allows him to understand nutrition and exercise from the standpoint of a high-level sports competitor, as well as an educator!

He earned his doctorate in nutrition at the University of Western Ontario (2005), and his special focus was on nutritional biochemistry and exercise biology. Masters levels study in the areas of Exercise Science, Health Science, Psychology, and Philosophy round out his educational credentials!

He is currently an adjunct professor of Exercise Science at the University of Texas at Austin, developing and overseeing various research projects.

From the theoretical to the practical!

With this impressive educational background you might expect his ideas and knowledge to be difficult for the average person to grasp, but John Berardi makes performance nutrition simple and attainable for everyone!

Through his company, Precision Nutrition, Dr. Berardi has worked in the exercise and nutrition arena for over a decade, working with individuals from all walks of life, from the sedentary to athletes at the highest level of sport. Currently, Dr. Berardi is the director of performance nutrition for several Canadian National teams and is a performance nutrition consultant to a number of elite level individual athletes, sports teams, and Olympic training centers including:

  • The Toronto Maple Leafs
  • The Canadian Bobsled & Skeleton Team
  • The Canadian National Cross Country Ski Team
  • The Canadian National Speed Skating Team
  • The Calgary Sports Center/Olympic Oval (Calgary, Alberta)
  • The Manitoba Sports Center (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  • The University of Texas Women's Track and Field Team
  • Individual athletes in nearly every sport including professional football (NFL and CFL), professional hockey (NHL and AHL), professional baseball (MLB), professional basketball (NBA) and more.

In addition Dr. Berardi is a on the board of directors for the International Youth Conditioning Association.


Cutting Edge Nutrition for the masses!

He has authored over 200 articles for leading fitness magazines such as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, Oxygen, Clean Eating and more. He has authored or co-authored five books including:

  • Gourmet Nutrition with Dr John Williams (Science Link; 2004)
  • Scrawny to Brawny with Mike Mejia (Rodale; 2005)
  • The Grappler’s Guide to Sports Nutrition with Michael Fry (Science Link; 2005)
  • The Metabolism Advantage (Rodale; 2006)
  • Precision Nutrition Version 2.0 (Precision Nutrition Inc; 2007)
  • Gourmet Nutrition volume 2 - the cookbook for the fit food lover

  • Applied nutritional science is what John Berardi is all about, and the athletes and other highly motivated individuals he has coached and guided will attest to the effectiveness of his approach to performance nutrition.

    He has made it his mission to spread the gospel of effective nutritional strategies for a wide audience without sacrificing the cutting edge effectiveness of individualized nutritional guidance.

    So what’s in it for you?

    Ok, I’ve told you all about Dr. Berardi’s credentials, and experience, but the good news is that he has put all of his knowledge into a system that you can use and benefit from. This is the Precision Nutrition system, and it is available to anyone who wants to maximize his or her performance and health!

    John Berardi is on nutrition’s cutting edge and he wants to take you there too. Are you ready?

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