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Mike Mahler is one of the premier kettlebell trainers in the world today, and the subject of this page. Pavel Tsatsouline of Russia first brought the Russian kettlebell workout to this country, and so began the Mahler odyssey into personal trainer training!

Kettlebell workouts became popular with the strength training public and Mike soon sought out one of Pavel’s certification trainings. Having passed the grueling certification requirements, he is a senior instructor, and thus he can certify others as instructors!


He has built an impressive list of athletic clients, not to mention doing training seminars and workshops all over the world, bringing the Russian kettlebell workout to a younger generation of athletes, like MMA legend Frank Shamrock!

He has written articles in the following publications and websites:

  • Testosterone Magazine
  • Intensity Magazine
  • Bodybuilding.com
  • Ironman Magazine
  • Vegsource
  • Adcombat.com
  • The Code

Mike Mahler focuses on developing strength, explosive speed, and stamina; in his clients. These are qualities that will carry over to their athletic endeavors. He feels that kettlebell workouts are uniquely suited to this purpose.

My introduction to the Russian kettlebell workout

I first heard about kettlebell training from reading Hard Style magazine, from Pavel Tsatsouline and Dragon Door. The concept intrigued me; because it was so different from everything else I had been exposed to in strength training.

When I got my first set of 35lb kettlebells, I purchased my first kettlebell DVD called Kettlebell Solutions for Speed and Explosive Strength from Mike Mahler and began to learn how to work with the bells. Mikes approach is simple, basic, and complete! This DVD was excellent for learning to do the exercises for the Russian kettlebell workout correctly!

There is no fluff or nonsense in his DVD products, just good information. He explains and demonstrates each exercise clearly and thoroughly, going over all the necessary techniques for kettlebell workouts and pointing out the pitfalls of incorrect technique.

Kettlebells for Aggressive Strength

There is something very solid, primal, and functional in kettlebell workouts, and with the help of his instruction I quickly developed a feel for handling the bells. My next purchase from Mike Mahler was The Kettlebell Solution for Size and Strength and once again his DVD product did not disappoint, it rocks!

This DVD is probably my favorite because Mike demonstrates the classic kettlebell exercises such as double snatch, Turkish getup, double swing, squat and more! These exercises really worked for me, and I began to pick up the technique quite rapidly!

I began to get the feeling that was on to something very special, which is a very simple way to get stronger and fitter with a basic exercise implement that is like holding a gym in your hands. Yes, kettlebell workouts are THAT effective!

In fact, I got an unexpected benefit from the training. Even though I was not dieting or trying to lose weight, my pants were becoming very loose around my waist as I began to burn body fat and lose weight from the short but effective kettlebell workouts!

My hamstrings, which always seemed to injure easily became stronger and more resistant to pulls, as I continued to train with the kettlebells. Resistance to injury is always a good thing and was another unexpected benefit from the Russian kettlebell workout.

Putting it all together

Now I have been involved in strength training for a long time and frankly, some coaches and trainers are not complete in their understanding of exercise, nutrition, and hormonal management. That’s where Mike Mahler is different!

I recently purchased his DVD titled The Kettlebell Solution for Fat Loss and Mental Toughness Not only are 18 effective exercises covered, but there are sections on nutrition and hormones as well. Everything you need is covered and explained in a way that is easy to understand and apply!

I continue to be impressed with the knowledge and attention to every aspect of training displayed by this man. As well he is committed to helping his clients and customers excel and reach their personal goals.

If you are interested in kettlebell workouts for health and fitness, give the products of Mike Mahler a try. You will be more than glad you did!

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